Responsive Web Design for Teams

A guide to implementing Sass in businesses.
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Faster Development

Sass can significantly improve your team's velocity.

Easy Integration

No need to replace your entire web stack. Sass integrates with your existing toolkit.

Open Source Tools

Sass is open source, so all you need is support and training.
"[The book is] the quickest way to learn the basics of Sass, while also laying out principles that lead to a responsive front-end architecture that is both robust and maintainable."
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Kaelig Deloumeau

About the Book

What is Sass?

Sass is a CSS technology that can help drastically speed up the implementation of RWD in your business. It can typically be integrated into almost any existing stack without serious changes.

Who is this book for?

Developers and teams not already using Sass.

Why this book?

The challenges of of working together in a company setting are different from those of being an individual contributor. When we were training companies, we noticed the importance of QA, build system integration, and simply how to collaborate with Sass.

How should we use this book?

This book should be read by your company's CSS developers, team leads, and build/deployment engineers.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Integrating Sass into your Workflow
    1. Simple Local Development Environment
    2. Integrations
    3. Production Environments
  3. Using Sass to Build a Responsive Website
    1. Nesting
    2. Variables
    3. Mixins
    4. Extends
    5. Media Queries
  4. Using Sass as a Team
    1. Structuring Sass
    2. Style Libraries
    3. Debugging and QA
    4. Frameworks
    5. The Bleeding Edge: New Features
  5. Where to Go From Here
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"If you haven't yet converted your team to writing Sass, this book is an exceptional resource."
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Smith Schwartz
Front end developer,

About the Authors

A Digital Handbook to Bringing the Sass CSS Pre-Processor To Your Team


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